Our Mission

allow people to thrive, not just survive

From Meeting Needs, to Enabling Dreams

We know that individuals and families struggle to dream if they are focused on meeting their basic needs

Our goal is to eliminate a stressor so that people can focus on lifting themselves out of poverty

We want them to focus on completing their education, growing in their jobs, nurturing their families, or other priorities so that they can thrive

Our Mission

To provide essential goods that enable individuals and families to focus on their well-being and development so that they may move past generational or temporary poverty

Our Vision

To ensure all individuals have access to the essential items they need in order to stay focused on realizing their dreams

We Aim Higher on Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Many organizations focus on providing food, the lowest level of the pyramid

We focus on addressing other basic needs - providing items that enable health

This allows people to build toward the confidence needed to address psychological needs

Support our Mission, Support Their Dreams

Your donation helps us provide essential goods to those struggling with poverty insecurity. Let's help empower people today!