34% of Teachers Say Students Skipped Class Due to Hygiene Issues

34% of Teachers Say Students Skipped Class Due to Hygiene Issues

Hygiene poverty is negatively impacting attendance rates in school. Provision Promise conducted a survey that generated responses from over 100 educators. This data included 34% of teachers who said students skipped class due to hygiene issues. 

These survey results also describe how hygiene poverty impacts attendance rates even more as students age. Filtering responses to teachers from 9th grade or higher, 42% report students skipping class for hygiene issues. 

Teachers are highlighting hygiene poverty as the cause for students skipping class. It’s tragic to think that access to essential hygiene products is stunting students' growth at such an alarming rate. But this is a problem we can solve by making hygiene products more accessible.  

This survey noted 16% of teachers saying students frequently skipped for hygiene issues and 18% infrequently. Survey data also had 20% of responses from high school teachers and 30% from college—elementary and middle school teachers combined for 50% of those who participated.

Skipping Class Affects School Performance

Regular attendance in school is critical for a student's academic performance. Consistent classroom engagement creates an environment where students can grow. Attendance is also vital for graduating and earning a better-paying job. 

Research shows a clear correlation between class attendance and success rates in school. According to a study by Georgetown University, people with an associate degree make $400,000 more in their lives compared to people who only finished high school.

Students who suffer from hygiene insecurity skip school to avoid hygiene bullying. Making essential products more available can help people in our modern society stop falling behind because of poverty.

Hygiene Insecurity: A Barrier to Attendance

The link between hygiene insecurity and attendance rates has far-reaching consequences. By limiting access to hygiene products, we are restricting a student's chance for success in life.

Hygiene insecurity doesn't just affect a student's attendance and academic performance. It can impact a student's mental and physical health. Hygiene poverty can also limit your professional opportunities.  

Together, we can educate our community about hygiene poverty. Then, we can donate and break the cycle to give others more opportunities for a better future.

Read more hygiene insecurity survey data on community colleges:

  • "45% of students skipped class due to hygiene poverty. 
  • “29% of students said they skipped class more than once a month due to hygiene poverty."

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